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Hey everyone, 7 years later and it's happened. . .

My new website is up! Please take a look. I hope you enjoy it. Does this mean I won't be posting here any more? I'm not completely sure, but what I do know is that simplyoloni.com will be where I invest my writing time. Thanks to everyone who's followed me on my journey. I appreciate it. Love, Oloni

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Keeping Your Friends Out Of Your Relationship

A few weeks ago, I had a follower on Twitter ask if she could call me… a2am in the morning. I wanted to know what could have been so trivial for this to take place. I contemplated for a few minutes then decided to give her my phone number. I received a call shortly after; she had a huge relationship dilemma and explained that, if things grew more difficult, she would try to speak to me about it. It was a typical case of telling friends way too much about the complications of your relationship, only for them to use it against you when things get rough.

I’m sure a majority of women have been guilty of this…assuming they know what’s best for their friends and judging the decisions they make in a relationship because they chose to open up to you. Now, there is nothing wrong with being a shoulder to cry on or lending an ear when your friend faces a relationship dilemma, but what some can do is use it as leverage and gossip material to make themselves or whatever situation they're in seem better.

Who doesn’t like talking about who’s fucking who, who went on a date with whom or broke up with who? A LOT OF US do. Not all, but a lot. Talking about the sex and love lives of others has always and will forever be an interesting subject that we enjoy discussing. However, how it’s discussed and whom it comes from can be the bigger problem.

I was on the phone with this young woman for over an hour and a half and what she described to me was more than trusting the wrong people. It was the abuse behind the trust she had given them. When you confide in people, you have to be able to separate your real friends from the friends out of convenience! What this caller had done was put her love life into the palms of the latter.

(For those wondering what a friendship out of convenience is, it’s when you create a bond with someone on a simple basis, such as merely having the same classes together. Not only are there no real grounds for your relationship, it’s the furthest thing from being organic, and at worst it’s forced).  

When giving and taking advice it’s always important to do so from people who you feel have a genuine and real heart. People say misery enjoys company, but that’s not always the case - being single doesn’t mean you have no experience on the matter, so yes, you can listen to what your single friends think. Emphasis on ‘friends’.

As the conversation with this caller continued, she slowly broke down into tears and explained the times she caught her friends bad mouthing her relationship drama among themselves, yet she still chose to carry on the friendship after an apology. When friends show you who they really are, believe them. Even if it’s not what you expect.

Relationships are supposed to be fun, particularly at a young age.  They’re exciting and a way of learning. They shouldn’t be as convoluted as some of us make them. Adding friends to the mix does this by involving them in situations that doesn’t need them.

Has he mistreated you? Is he doing things to you in bed that make you uncomfortable? Does he have irritating habits? Things you haven’t spoken to him about before running to your friends?

When you go to your girls about every altercation,you’re creating a militia who loathe your boyfriend without even knowing it. We all get the urge to vent or talk to someone.  As mentioned earlier, there’s nothing wrong with that as long as you pick someone you trust, rather than your whole group chat on Whats App.

Respect his privacy as much as you respect yours, because essentially you both represent each other. It sucks when we talk to the wrong people about our relationship issues.  See it as self controlbecause it’s like the popular saying ‘don’t tell your problems to people; eighty percent don’t care and the other twenty percent are glad you have them.’

What are your thoughts? Have you ever regretted going to your friends about a relationship issue? Tweet & join in the debate with the hashtag #FriendsAndRelationships

By @Oloni
Edited by @EzekielThePoet


If you'd like to ask me a dilemma on sex and relationships go to www.ask.fm/Oloni - Or email itsOloni@gmail.com. Everything shared will always be private an confidential unless permission has been personally granted, to discuss or use when featured on Simply Oloni 

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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Review by @TonySupreme_ The Number Between Her Legs

With a title like 'The number between her legs', it is not hard to guess what the book may be about, however, it surpasses expectations of just another woman speaking on the issue of double standards and sexual liberation. Rather, with a unique edginess Oloni engages the reader with her use of relevant and relatable stories which can be used as examples to demonstrate a point being made.

'The number between her legs' starts off with Oloni painting the picture of a girls night in, without giving too much away, I was drawn into the story and almost felt like a part of the conversation. From the first few pages the concept of the book is outlined and as it develops the desire to continue reading becomes natural. The book is set out in short chapters with plenty of content but is easy on the eye and easily digestible in small bite sized paragraphs. With only 19 pages it is an easy read and the key points are stressed constantly throughout the book, so it will get you thinking at the very least! 

Reading it as a man, it gives an insight into the world of women and why some may lie or fabricate things around the topic of 'the number between her legs'.  The book also questions societies perception on promiscuity, sexual liberation and self worth. By breaking down each concept/term presented and explaining each in a dynamic way, Oloni challenges the ways readers may have thought about this topic previously. With delicate attention to detail Oloni presents a mature outlook on what society often has so much to say about. 

What particularly hooked me was the use of statistics and evidence of the research which went into the development of the book. Statistics and quotes bring to life the perception and feelings of women who are most affected by the ideology that a high number of sexual partners devalues a woman. Being able to understand how some women feel when asked about 'the number between her legs' calls us to ask the question, 'does it matter?'

No book about sex can be complete without speaking on the part men play. By drawing comparisons between the way society perceives sexual activity for men and women, the topic of equality and sexual freedom is subtly addressed. At no point is male bashing used to make a point, which would have made me put the book down! In fact when discussing the concept of 'slut shaming' she speaks on how cruel women can be towards each other, which is an interesting angle to take in an attempt to highlight the need for unity and support amongst females.

In exploring key issues surrounding self worth, double standards, living in a patriarchal society, Oloni addresses the problems caused by society's attitudes towards sex and women. 

An interesting, edgy and enthusiastic read, be sure to grab yourself a copy!

Order a copy HERE

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Young Ladies Club - Black Girls LET'S TALK!

Yesterday afternoon the Young Ladies Club hosted an event called 'Black Girls LET's TALK' this was to celebrate black history month but to also network with people from different business industries, from fashion, beauty and journalism.

I had the chance to go down and join in on the debate! The first subject was self esteem and self confidence. Those who were on the panel included Ayoola Bakare, Alice Favour and Chantell Simone 'What does beauty mean?' were one of many questions the host Rachel -Yvonne Mcintosh and founder Hannah Oyewole asked.

 The conversation lead into skin bleaching where a clip was played during the discussion. Singer Dencia was justifying the name of her skin lightening cream. People from the audience also shared their thoughts on creams intentionally used to gain a lighter complexion.

After a quick break other subjects included Natural hair vs Weave. Are those who wear a weave taking care of their hair underneath or are we being too lazy? Have we been educated enough about black hair or do we wear a weave because it's an easy option? Hair blogger, Valley Fontaine was one of the many who were on the panel for this debate and shared interesting facts about how we can learn to manipulate the texture of our hair by using the right hair products. Different members of the audience gave their opinion on the meaning of 'black hair' and the issues they've faced when embracing their own natural hair, Other panellists included Rianna Henry, Tamara Plummer and Mary Oluwawo.

After another break, relationships became the next topic of discussion. I joined the panel alongside Nana Nayoka Oware and host Rachel-Yovonne McIntosh where we spoke about the difference between dating and marriage, role expectations within a married household and lastly, where all the good black men were.

The Young Ladies Club did an excellent job in hosting such a great event and what was most interesting about these set of guest speakers was how they inspired young black women, to do something they enjoy and have a passion for. It was great to have a huge group of black women come together and discuss some of the subject we face in our community.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

October 27th a NEW E-BOOK titled 'The Number Between Her Legs' will be available to order ONLY on www.simplyoloni.com, written by the Editor of Simply Oloni and the author of The Experience:The Girlfriend Fluffer Dami Olonisakin. 

'The Number Between Her Legs' discusses women and their sexuality in this day and age. It also challenges the perception of how men and women view sexual relationships.

Dami Olonisakin spoke to many young women and asked questions we've all wanted to know surrounding WOMEN and SEX. Why do we lie about the number between our legs?

'Why can he sleep with x amount of girls without being labelled, but if I do, I'm a slut?' 

She speaks to Shannon Boodram, a journalist and sexpert from Toronto, who also shares her views on why women and men are looked at differently.The Number Between Her Legs talks through why some women look down on their own gender for being more sexually explorative.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Can Men & Women Just Be Friends?

'The stigma behind the belief that men and women can't be friends can stem from a multitude of places, such as insecurity, past experiences, stereotypes placed on men or the secret desire some women personally hold for their male friends. So in conclusion of course they can be friends stupid.'  - Anon, m, 23.

I discuss my  thoughts on the popular subject. Can men and women just be friends?  I will also be sharing some EXCLUSIVE NEWS 

Direct Link: http://k007.kiwi6.com/hotlink/8yn23xyggm/SimplyOloniMWBeFriends.mp3

Make sure you share your thoughts by tweeting @Oloni

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Black Girls LET'S TALK!

On October 25th Black Girls LET'S TALK will be taking place! The event is in association with Black History Month and should not be missed.

 There will be a wide range of topics up for discussion. This includes self esteem and confidence, skin bleaching, weave vs natural hair, building a successful relationship plus building and enterprise. With different speakers such as Rachel -Yvonne Mcintosh, who will be hosting, Ayoola Bakare, Chantell Simone Graham, Alice Favour, Katrina Emmanuel and many, many more.

I will be there to review the event for Simply Oloni, especially as it will be covering love and relationships. My obvious favourite topic!

It will be held  at the Holiday Inn, 10a Chestnut Plaza, Westfield, Stratford, London E20 1GL - Doors open at 12pm. Make sure you get your tickets over at www.blackgirlsletstalk.eventbrite.co.uk  for any more details contact info@youngladiesclub.com.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Cosmo Blog Awards 2014

A week later and I thought I'd share some of the photos from the #CosmoBlogAwards.

Now I got the chance to meet some amazing blogggers! Here's one below, Lea from loveleysbeautybox.com 


Can you tell we enjoyed the free bar?  

Some more awesome bloggers! Pixie Cosmina and Hannah Leigh!

Now I was shortlisted for the Best Sex and Relationships blog, but I never won sadly! Nonetheless, this day inspired me so much. Not only did I meet some talented bloggers, but it made me want to strive and be even more consistent within my craft. I enjoy writing about sex and love, and have been so for a very long time, which is one of the many reasons I decided to expand and create www.simplyoloni.com an online women's platform coming oh so soon! I'm still very grateful to everyone who nominated me and thankful that I got that far.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Friday, 10 October 2014

When Should I Sleep With Him?

Tonight at 10pm I will be sharing an EXCLUSIVE short audio clip where I answer a question many women have emailed me about. 'When should I sleep with him?' 'How soon is too soon?'

If you have asked yourself this question or would like to listen to my thoughts on the infamous topic, join my mailing list over at simplyoloni.com where the audio will be sent to you directly. Remember it will be sent at 10pm so HURRY UP & JOIN!

Monday, 6 October 2014

#TheOloniShow: Open Relationships - Pilot

I discuss the different types of open relationships and whether or not those in a monogamous relationship should practice some of the traits open relationships have. She also speaks about infidelity and conforming to societies expectations, of how a relationship should be. What are your thoughts? Could you ever be in a non monogamous relationship?

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

The Lab Rats Of Online Dating - And Why It Doesn’t Work

No, no, no, no, no, no, yes, no, no, no, no, maybe, no, no, no, no, yes……….
Sounds familiar?

It is surprising how many dating websites and apps work in exactly the same way. Sign up, tell them who you are and what you do — ok, here are the people you might like.

After that, its a numbers game. Sift through thousands of profiles and you might get lucky. Who determines your potential matches? An algorithm, as clever as it is, is still a machine that operates under certain rules.

These two like tennis” — Match!!!
These two are both in London” — Match!!!
These two gave the same answer” — Match!!!
You end up with an experience that is a little like movie suggestions. You like Comedy, so here are a few titles you might likeNo, no, no, maybe, no

Really? Is that the best you can do? Should choosing a soulmate be similar to picking a movie? Where is the human aspect? We are talking about relationships, not products!

That said, sometimes you will come across someone great. He or she has an interesting job, you have a lot in common, you live close — it might just work! It all looks great on the screen, but after meeting them in person, you realise that the image youve created in your head is way better than reality. After a while, people just give up (Subscription?.. Seriously??). “Ill never find someone special here”, “online dating is not for me” — rings a bell?

And thats where the industry has got it all wrong — not in a small way, but in a fundamentally big way.

The problem is not in the lack of likeable candidates — there are a lot of great people out there. The problem is in the discovery method. Algorithms just dont work. On top of that, turns out people who sign up for these services just might be experimented on (read: I date, therefore I am a lab rat). Thats all to keep that matching algo working (or did they just run out of ideas?).

Wait, pause there for a second. Experiments — what do you mean? They deliberately give me bad candidates? Huh??.So how do I know which match is an experiment and which one is a genuine match that I might like? Biiiig problem, disaster!

Well, the good news is that there is another way. Get rid of the matching algorithm. Who will provide matches for you? Simple. Your friends.

Hitch is dating app. Well, not really. Its a matchmaking app.
Your friends set you up. With whom? With someone they know, but limited to their Facebook friends. So it will never be a complete stranger, but a friend of a friend.

To make it more interesting, the chat is anonymous at first. All you know is the gender and age of the other person, as well as the name of the“Hitch” who has set you up. Will it be someone you know? Not necessarily, but you know for sure it is someone in the Hitchs friends list.

If you like them, send a reveal request. Once accepted, both revealthemselves — name and profile picture. Who is it? Who is it? Who is it?

But I am in a relationship already, I dont use dating apps. Hitch is not a dating app, its a matchmaking app.

Have you got a single friend? Have you got another single friend? Could it work? Only one way to find out!

Oh, and once you set them up, how do you know if they are chatting? Well, you can see how many messages theyve exchanged (no, you cant see the actual messages). “527 ? When are you guys going on a date already??”.

Dating shouldnt be like shopping for food in a store in another country where everything is in a language you dont understand. Life is random enough.
Friends know better

Tuesday, 26 August 2014


There have been some interesting sex facts I've come across these past few days and it only felt right to share some with you.

Check them out!

#SimplyOloniSexFacts You can burn up to 200 calories during the first 30 minutes of sex.

 #SimplyOloniSexFacts The average length of a vagina is 3-4 inches says Lissa Rankin, MD, gynaecologist.

 #SimplyOloniSexFacts According to http://guyism.com 15% of men have a penis longer than 7 inches.

 #SimplyOloniSexFacts Sexomnia is a condition where a person will engage in sexual activities whilst they are asleep.

 #SimplyOloniSexFacts there's 36 calories per tea spoon of semen.

 #SimplyOloniSexFacts studies show that having sex once a week can improve your immune function by 30 percent. 

According to Women's Health, studies show that lesbians orgasm MORE. #SimplyOloniSexFacts

 Have you got any interesting sex facts to share? Tweet me them @Oloni

Thursday, 21 August 2014


Situationships are one of the most unhealthiest bonds between a male and a female. It's so unhealthy that they've had to give it a new name. You're in a 'situation', which in reality means you're not single, but you certainly can't see anyone else. Does being in a situationship mean you're still not allowed to flirt or date anybody? It's beyond complicated that nobody knows the rules, which initially causes the arguments. However, when both parties know they're committed to each other and each other alone, there is no space for confusion.

Situationships have become the substitute for relationships in 2014. It's scary to think we're living in a society where sex is more of a focus even if things aren't working out, but why are we settling for that alone? 

What makes a situationship different to a relationship in reality? Are some of us unknowingly in a broken one that only works well when legs are spread apart beneath the sheets? Have we told ourselves this is all it can be, because we're done trying to fix what's causing the arguments and fighting? "As long as that spot is getting hit and that climax is felt, what's there to really resolve?"

What causes them?
I have this ideology that it's mainly due to the lack of respect between both people OR not being able to let go, especially if you've known each other for a very long amount of time. You become reliant upon each other but at least one party is clued up to the fact that it's only a temporary forever. There's no real future here but it'll do for the time being.

How long do they last for?
There's no exact time limit to how long these situationships last for, however what is true is that they are very poisonous. These confusing complications usually start with people who refuse to leave each other alone and always seem to worm their way back into each others lives. We all know someone who has been in some sort of situationship for many years.

I had a friend who was on and off with her ex for over 3 years, 'Oh Oloni you know there's always one! The one, you just always go back to.' She exclaimed over the phone to me. Things never changed between the two. They fought, cried, had sex... But couldn't work out their differences. It was hard for the couple because they had grown up together. When you become so close with someone, and have been through all sorts of mess it makes you wonder if the respect and love is still the same, or just gone completely out of the window. You feel devalued, but also know they will always come back. 

Is love ever included or just the familiarity of having a certain lover in your life? 'Titles ain't shit, if the story doesn't match it'. 

Nonetheless, situationships are NOT always based on the physical. I repeat IT IS NOT ALWAYS BASED ON THE PHYSICAL! But by how sex is viewed and seen in society today, it's the biggest type. Emotional situationships do exist and there is a much deeper side to it. There are plenty of people who have been dating for a while, on and off but have probably not seen each other's bedrooms and are still lined up inbetween the words 'situation' and 'relationship', with no sense of direction of where the relationship is going. This is also how it starts. 

The only way to not fall into the trap of the most common type of situationship is by not giving your all and replacing it with the only thing that may make you happy for a few minutes. Sex. Yes, it feels great and there's nothing better than sleeping with a person who knows your body, but sometimes you have to sit back and ask yourself is it worth it? Is sex with xyz more valuable than taking the risk & actually seeing if there's a future on the horizon by communicating openly? For once at least. If you want more but you're getting less, walk away.

Situationships take two. 

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Why You Should Vote For Me To Win The #CosmoBlogAwards

*WAVES* Right, so ahem. Hello guys, this quick post is me explaining why I'd like you to vote for me, but most importantly why I'd LOVE to WIN the #CosmoBlogAwards. I gave a quick update about myself last night on here, explaining how I'VE had this blog since 2008. I may not have blogged every day, but I've been incredibly consistent, especially since I'm STILL blogging in 2014 (check the archives).

Simply Oloni has helped me realise so many things in terms of my career path, trying to figure out men and even friendships. It's been a huge source of practice in my life, for so many years and I see as a record as my growth as a writer.

I still get emails from girls telling me about their whole love life and what's beautiful is the fact that even though I always state I'm not an agony aunt, there are still women who want to tell me about their relationship issues, or how my blog made them stop and think about any situation they are in.

This isn't just a hobby to me, it's literally my life. My passion lies in writing about, sex, love and lust. I enjoy exploring the many sides of a relationship between a man and woman. It's all I ever talk about, relationships.

I'm still amazed at the fact that each post I share on sex and love gets over 2,000 views in one day on average. I'm still in shock that I gained over 500 subscribers in one WEEK when I first released #TheExperience -. . If I'm honest, I'm surprised people read my work.

If you've RT'd, shared, liked OR spoken about my work. . thank you SO much. Saying that please make sure you VOTE !!

Is Hooking Up for You? by @Shannontboodram

I love Shannon and I've shared a lot of her work on my blog in the past. She's encouraged me to do so many things and I just had to share this video of hers. She discusses hooking up and the different phases you go through after having sex. . very poetic and informative might I add.

REPOST: The Girlfriend Fluffer


I remember a few years ago reading an article by Julia Allison in Cosmopolitan discussing what it means to be a ‘Wife Fluffer’.

Wife Fluffer, n. – The last girlfriend before the wife. The girlfriend who prepares a guy for the woman he'll marry.

It later hit me that although there are women in apparent loving, committed and long-term relationships; it seems that most usually have no idea that they are what Allison calls a ‘Wife Fluffer’. Similarly there are girls who don’t realise that they are in fact the ‘Girlfriend Fluffer’, until they have invested time and emotional attachment into a guy she believes could possibly be her boyfriend but instead is unintentionally prepping him for the next girl that comes along.

Becoming the embodiment of a ‘Girlfriend Fluffer’ typically means showing a man you’re currently ‘seeing’ but not officially with, how much you need, want and/or desire them. You’ll be surprised by how some men lack confidence, until we, as women, have put them on a pedestal and shown them their potential.

So how do we put them on this pedestal?


By frequently showing a certain amount (too much in most cases) of love and attention. It’s as if we emit over the confidence they failed to exude prior to the relationship which, in turn provides the guy with the power and a ready prepared positioning in the drivers seat.

When you show an unwavering amount of loyalty to a man, some guys see it and may want to take it to the next step of becoming ‘official’, whereas others could manipulate the situation and abuse it. It’s all about being safe because essentially no girl wants to be a ‘Girlfriend Fluffer’, it never ends in their favour.

‘Girlfriend Fluffers’ give their all into one person without gaining anything back, but to see the man they were with pursue another woman. It would make a girl think, ‘Well why wasn’t I good enough?’. The answer? You probably were, but chances are it had nothing to do with you, but one thing, the power you so willingly handed over.

 Below are 3 different types of Girlfriend Fluffers, if you’re any of them, abort, abort, abort. .

1) The ‘Shooting in the Gym’ girl 
I’m sure, you’re familiar with the Drake line, but she’s the girl who motivates him and pushes him to do better and be better. She’s there for him and his goals, helps him to believe in himself. These type of Girlfriend Fluffers probably turn crazy, because they usually end up on the phone talking to their best friends. ‘I was there for that ni**a’.- Nope you chose to commit as a fluffer.

2) The ‘fun’ type of girl
She doesn’t want anything serious and enjoys the dates here and there, you can really relax with her because you know you have nothing to worry about. The sex is amazing and she’s ready, whenever, wherever. Till later down the line after one of the greatest orgasms, she turns to you in bed and asks ‘Where is this going?’.

3) The ‘I-CAN-CHANGE-HIS-MIND’ type of girl
These are the delusional women who probably give men the biggest headaches as well as love. Yes, both is possible. He repeatedly said from the beginning, he wasn’t sure if he wanted a relationship. So instead, you hang on for months trying to change his mind. You care for him, open up to him and try to build a relationship to show you can both trust each other. You know, the stuff you do when you’re IN a relationship.

Eventually she get’s tired of trying and leaves. The outcome, the next girl that comes along he decides to be in a relationship with. In all these different examples, it still shows how women can give and give to a man, only left to be the fluffer for his next relationship. The worst type of person to give any sort of power, affection or love to, is someone you’re not committed to.

 Maybe the next guy that comes along will be fluffed for us, some girl has to do it.

       Dear Girlfriend Fluffer,    


                How can I ever express my gratitude? You taught my man a lot of things, I’m glad I never had to!

I wouldn’t be here without you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Love, The Girlfriend.


Written by @Oloni
Edited by @AprilOffDuty

For the original blog and comments click HERE 

Tuesday, 19 August 2014


Remember when you were younger and you always thought about the perfect way as to how you’d lose your virginity. If you’re like me, you wanted it to be with someone special, someone who meant something. I get emails regularly from young girls always asking when they should have sex. WTF? Right, I know. Nobody, including me, can tell you what to do with your vagina.

What I did notice was the craze of girls just wanting to have sex, with no actual idea as to why. This is the part where we blame the media. Anyway, I was 18 when I lost my virginity and in a happy relationship. It wasn’t anything to brag about because any woman will tell you their first time is not the greatest, however my group of friends wanted to know the ins and the outs. If I had an orgasm, what the penetration was like etc etc. I was the second girl out of my friends at the time to have had sex and all of a sudden it felt as if there was this race to do 'it' amongst the remainder of my friends. But why? Just to say you’ve done it? Who would know if you hadn’t? We don’t walk around with the word ‘VIRGIN’ tatted to our forehead. Or do we? Are we now able to tell who's a virgin and who isn't?

A friend of mine was in such a rush to lose it, she met a guy off Facebook and had sex with him in the back of his car, after the first hook up. As crazy as it sounds, she was content with everything and just happy that she had finally had sexual intercourse. Saying that, I don’t know how she feels about it now. Fast forward six years, I wonder if she regrets it. 

Women who do not have significant others are planning when they will get sexually involved with a guy. Although when you think about it, do we really need to be in a relationship before we go to such an extra mile in this day and age? Or should it matter more when it’s your first time? 

From what I’ve noticed in some young women, rushing to lose your virginity doesn’t stop in your early or late teens. There are still women who are in their mid to late twenties who are probably tired of waiting. So instead sleep with the guy who’s what you could say the "most relevant" to them. They could be dating, 'talking' or maybe just good friends. Sometimes women too get fed up of being the last one amongst their friends to get sexually involved with a guy. They're not able to participate in the conversations about the embarrassing one night stands, the sweaty love making, eyes rolling... You get my point. However, that doesn't change the fact that there are still some women who are proud to have held on to their purity, despite the pressure they may have faced all the way into their late 20's. 

I've always felt that, with sex being such an easy thing to get, it had to slowly lost it's value, but what about the importance of a woman's first time, has that too?

What are your thoughts? Join in the conversation by tweeting me, followed by the hashtag #Virginity.

By @Oloni
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It's so weird, I remember starting this blog a few days before my 18th birthday. I knew nothing about men, dating, love or sex. I just liked writing about different journeys in my life.

A few weeks ago I celebrated my 24th birthday. I also graduated a month ago, whoop. That's right I'm officially a journalism graduate from the University of Bedfordshire.


This year has been quite amazing if I'm honest. I had the chance to work at Cosmopolitan, which was just a dream of mine and now I have been nominated for the Cosmo Blog Awards for having the Best Sex and Relationships Blog. Make sure you VOTE!